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Buying Shares through a Broker
Perhaps you have read a tip in a newspaper, or have been following a company's products for a while and have decided that you would like to buy some of its shares. You will need a broker who will buy the shares on your behalf. Brokers can be found at Banks, or through online brokering websites.

The broker will charge a flat fee for making the trade and stamp duty, which is simply a tax imposed by the government on the investment. Stamp Duty is currently set at 0.05%

This is probably the best idea if you are buying shares in a company as a one off. Banks tend to be slightly more expensive than buying through an online broker, typically charging a fee of £25. You will receive a share certificate.

Online Broker
If you are intending to trade regularly it may be worth signing up with an Online Broker. Commission ranges from as little as £7.50 up to about £15.

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