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Independent Financial Advice Guide

Independent Financial Advice can help you, whatever your financial circumstances, to make the most of your money and investments. An independent financial adviser can be useful for anyone regardless of circumstances, not only to help make the most of money and investments but also to give good advice on loans, mortgages and debts.

IFA's often have years of experience in dealing with financial products and can offer unbiased advice on a wide range of options tailored to your personal circumstances. In most cases, they can give you better advice than most high street lenders who tend to just plug their range of products, reducing your choice and thus reducing your chance of making the most of your financial situation.

IFA Guide was established to give its visitors access to information about financial advice. The website has two main purposes. First we want to help promote awareness of financial advice and its benefits to web surfers. The second goal is to help consumers and businesses locate local independent financial advice.

Our directory is based on the latest industry data. It is constantly updated in consultation with all the IFA's in the UK. The directory is easily accessible and therefore the most comprehensive available on the internet. With our guides we provide useful information on various money-related subjects that might help you make financial decisions.

The Independent Financial Advice Guide is here for your convenience. Feel free to browse around and read some of our articles. We hope our website can be a small step towards an improved financial situation.

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